Blob Connect - Match Game

Dot Connect: Match and clear your way through many exciting levels! Simply connect the dots and clear them. Try to make as longer chains to get more points. This match game has 135 exciting puzzles of three different types, and many types of boosters. In some levels you need to reach a certain score. In other levels there are special gray squares which needs to be cleared in order to advance. Later in the game levels where you have to catch the diamond are introduced. Also crosses which block the way need to be crushed! Hours of entertainment guaranteed with this wonderful game! Features of Dot Connect are:

  • three different level types: achieve a certain score, clear all gray squares or catch the diamond
  • sweet sound effects, boosters, fun animations
  • Google Games achievements, high scores and see your google games friends on the level map
  • Works great offline as well
  • Making long chains of dots gives you a free blaster. Blasters are awesome, and clear whole rows of dots at a time! So try to connect chains of the same color and make as long lines as possible to get the most points and more free blasters.
Match the dots and win!

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