Word Hunt

Get the most fun word search app for Android: Word Hunt!

This app gives you a letter soup in which many interesting words are hidden. The app leads you through three difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) with 20 categories of words in total. For endless enjoyment there's an option to generate puzzles over and over again.

Features of this game are:

  • 20 categories of word puzzles: Anatomy, Animals, Board games, Boy names, Capitals, Countries, Food, Girl names, Movies, Sports.
  • Play for yourself against the clock, earn stars as you discover more words.
  • Collect achievements as you finish more games and complete whole category tracks.
  • Compare your performance with your friends via Google Plus leaderboards.
  • Your progress in the game is synched across multiple devices through cloud sync if you log in with Google+.
So start playing this word search puzzle and beat your friends!

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