Berry Blast

Match and clear your way through many exciting levels!

The farmers lost their berries and fruits. The are now distributed all over the place and it's up to you to clear up the mess by forming chains of fruits of the same type. This game has 215 exciting levels of 4 types, and a variety of boosters that make the game play even more interesting. In some levels you'll need to achieve a certain score. In others you'll have to collect mushrooms. A bit later in the game you'll also meet levels where you have to clear some ugly slime or destroy some flower pots. Hours of fun guaranteed!

Features of this game are:

  • 4 different level types: achieve a certain score, collect mushrooms, clear all slime, and destroy flower-pots
  • 5 fruit/berry types
  • Sound effects, boosters, fun animations
  • Google Games achievements and see your google games friends on the level map
  • Progress is synched across multiple devices through cloud sync if you log in with Google+.
So match the fruits and win!

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