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You may have heard of the GDPR privacy regulation that comes into effect on May 25th. This regulation gives users a lot more control over their privacy, like the possibility to export all data and the possibility to remove any personal information from a product.

Companies can be fined up to €20M if they don't comply with this regulation. Making Funny Jokes compliant would require significant effort, and unfortunately there's currently no business model to support this effort. Even though Funny Jokes was very popular in the past, the usage has declined strongly. In 2012 there were days with more than 170,000 users, at this moment there are no more than 7,000 daily users left.

We therefore have decided to shut down jokes on May 23rd and replace it by a read only version with all-time top jokes. To give you the opportunity to export / screenshot content you would like to keep, the existing content will be available read-only until May 23rd.

Thanks for all the jokes!

Swiss Codemonkey team

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