Shape Connect - Puzzle Game

Shape Connect: an addictive free matching puzzle game for children and adults.

AppTornado launches it's new hit game Shape Connect. Can you connect the longest chain of triangles, squares, circles, octagons or pentagons?

This game features boosters, 135 amazing puzzles, and various level goals:

  • Some levels require a certain minimum point score
  • Some levels need to be cleared of gray fields
  • Some levels need you to catch the diamond

Train your brain and get in the flow with this free puzzle game. In-app payments can be used to enhance your experience, but are completely optional.

Other features:

  • Google Games achievements, high scores and challenge your google games friends on the level map
  • Works great offline on any Android phone or tablet
  • Share screenshot of your epic wins
  • Making long chains of shapes gives you a free blaster. Blasters are awesome, and clear whole rows of shapes at a time!
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